The original artisan. The “man’s man”, the hunter & gatherer that can always make a plan.

An authentic man with rough hands, (pirate vocab) but a gentle heart. The mentor & inspector of artisans, often the original maker of great items.

Ben is the Director of BJC Construction CC, the contracting company behind Benstudio for its large scale projects and expert services.

Ben will do on-site quotations for large structural, decking, and conversion projects. He is a hands-on project manager for all your construction needs.

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Ben’s assistant in life and admin.

Please excuse her briefness, as she chases time all day.

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The orchestrator. Named after her Dad.

A good samie-maker with too many degrees that want companies to leverage the true skill of local SME’s.

Benji helps Ben with new projects, designs and expanding Ben’s client base.

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