The creative workshop that connects true artisans, original wood magicians & metal artists with self-proclaimed home decorators & ‘pinterest’ fanatics.

Benstudio also offers a variety of industrial, commercial and residential structural project services on site, as needed. I.e. From construction to retrofitting all spaces, decking to roofing, to creating your dream wine cellar – the works – Ben can do it.

Artisans are local. Items are carefully vetted to ensure originality. Benstudio, aims to cultivate skills development & self-employment in South Africa.

We keep it simple… To help you keep it simple!

a) Materials:
• Wood & Metal only (e.g. Stainless Steel, Copper Pipe etc)
• NO PLASTICS! (Keeping it real)
b) Colors:
• Raw/ Natural
• White-wash
• Black

We believe each artisan writes a love story with their hands & sweat. No item is the same, so please don’t expect each artisan to be the same! Industrial, old-school, retro, “English” > you want it, we have it – or can try make it!

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